Choosing between cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer

Juices are very vital drinks; they are very important part in your life. Almost everyone consume these drinks daily. People are shifting from fizzy drinks to fresh juices, that a good change and we all must bring this positive change in our daily routine. These fizzy drinks are poison for our body; and they will cause many problems. They are rich in sugar and calories. These fizzy drinks are very common amoung teneegars, despite knowing that it’s not at all healthy. They main feel refreshing and tasty but are not suitable. As a duty of being a parent, we all must shift our kids from these fizzy carbonated drinks to fresh juices. We all must include fresh juice in our breakfast for a healthy diet.

As fresh juices are available from two resources, you buy them from a supermarket or any juice shop or you prepare them at home. Since the motive behind switching to fresh juice is to drink pure, hygienic and nutritious drink that is why we must prepare them at home, in this way we can ensure that there are no chemical or preservatives in the juice and its hygienic.
Since when we will be preparing fresh juice at home, we can use two kitchen appliances; a cold press juicer or a centrifugal juicer. Among two juicers a cold press juicer is the best option, why? That we will discuss today.

Ok, why should we choose a cold press juicer over a centrifugal? First of all, because they are better in extracting juice from a fruit and vegetables as they uses two different techniques that ensure that one hundred percent juice is extracted. First, a cold press juicer uses blade to shred fruits and vegetables then it applies high hydraulic pressure on them due to which all the juice is extracted. Moreover, in a centrifugal juicer only a high spinning blade is used to shred and extract the juice. However, due to high spinning of the blade a lot of heat is produced that destroys many enzymes, while on the other hand, in cold press juicer the speed of a spinning blade is quite slow so it does not produce any heat. You can even compare the waste of these two juicers; waste from cold press juicer will be drier. One more point that will benefit you is that, do not throw away the waste from a cold press juicer, it can be used for composting.

The other benefit that you will get from best cold press juicer is that you can prepare nutty milk, milk that is extracted from different nuts such as cashew and almonds. They are filled with nutrients and minerals that are very essential for our body and they are so delicious. They are very difficult to prepare in a centrifugal juicer.

I guess these reasons are enough to convince you to buy a cold press juicer, you should buy them you will not regret it in future. Enjoy delicious and healthy juices with the help of a cold press juicer.

All You Have To Learn about Buying A Treadmill

Purchasing a treadmill is one of the greatest things you are able to do for the health of yours. It provides you with use of walking, jogging or even running at any time throughout the day or even season. A lot of people think it is less difficult to slip in workouts when they’ve a treadmill in your own home, particularly on days when it’s particularly warm, wet or cold. You might wind up running more since you are able to get it done at home. What you won’t recognize until you start looking into treadmills plus their prices, models, and features is that’s it a significant purchase with lots of elements to consider. Here’s what you have to understand as you look into purchasing a treadmill.

Treadmills Actually are Home Gyms Themselves

Building a home gym is a terrific way to obtain an exercise session on anytime routine, in a convenient way. Though you do not require a dozen items to get it done. With its ability and versatility to change up some functions, like incline, a treadmill functions as a full body exercise on its own. Try considering it that way as you go ahead and imagine what you’re searching for within a treadmill.

Features Really Matter

This Is exactly where a lot of folks get tripped up. Treadmills are feature heavy devices with dozens of choices to consider. The width and length of the belt could be related depending on the size of yours. The speed limits and also incline possibilities will totally change up the workout types. Some will even have pre-programmed race training runs or even workouts to work with.

Storage space Is actually Important

Storage is one factor which not everyone considers until they’re already purchasing the best treadmill of last year, which may present a problem. Many more recent models let you fold them up and place them into smaller spaces. For all those that do not possess a lasting space to maintain a treadmill, finding a storable you are essential to remember when perusing that particular feature list.

You can Look for a Good Deal

There is almost never a need to spend full price for products online anymore. Lots of businesses, particularly home gym equipment makers, will draw up their costs merely to draw them down and make it look as you are experiencing a deal. Before making big purchases on the internet, check for coupons plus promo codes. At the very minimum you might be saving on delivery costs, or maybe you can score big with a fifty percent deal.

In the long run, treadmills are an amazing buy for health, stress relief, and fitness. Just make certain you understand the way to choose the best one before you purchase it.

5 Tips for Using Your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are the best things in the world if you like cooking tough things like meat, beans and grains often. There are specially designed to shorten the cooking times by a significant percentage so that you spend much lesser time in the kitchen than you usually do and can utilize the same time for more productive tasks or simply to relax. In addition to cooking your meals faster, these magical tools also make the meals healthier by trapping all the nutrients with the steam from escaping the sealed pot. If you are new to pressure cooking or have recently brought a brand new pressure cooker and are unsure how to use pressure cooker right way, here are some useful tips for you:

Read the instruction manual:

The modern pressure cookers have multiple safety features incorporated in them to ensure your safety. Every model will include different features and will therefore function differently. You need to understand the model completely before starting to use it for the very first time. This is why you should carefully read the instruction manual that came with the unit to make sure that you are using it right.


Keeping your pressure cooker clean and maintained is very important for it to continue functioning normally. Since a typical pressure cooker has multiple parts, you need to check all of them timely and ensure that each one if functioning properly. Ensure that the valves are not blocked by any food debris and the rubber gasket is in good shape. The gasket will need to be replaced once or twice each year depending on the frequency of use.

Brown before pressure cooking:

To add greater flavor and color to your meals it is a good practice to brown the ingredients such as meat or onions in some oil before you add water to it and seal the lid to begin pressure cooking. You will see that browning greatly enhances the flavor, the aroma and even gives your dish a more appealing appearance. So unless you are in a hurry, you should always brown the ingredients before pressure cooking them.

Addition of liquid:

The addition of liquid is of crucial importance while pressure cooking. The reason is that pressure cookers function by trapping steam inside a sealed container. You need to add enough liquid to the cooker for steam to be produced. If you are using a pressure cooker recipe, it will always mention the right amount of liquid that needs to be added. So you will simply need to follow the instructions.

Don’t fill it to the rim:

Most pressure cooker will have a marking on the inside of the pot to indicate the maximum amount of liquid that can be added. Do not fill the cooker beyond this level. Even if your pressure cooker does not have this marking, avoid filling it beyond 2/3rd its maximum capacity to prevent the food from flowing out of the pressure valves.

Different Styles of Blenders and their Uses in the Kitchen

Upon visiting the market you would see there is a surge of blenders out there. You can use them for making quick drinks of any kind for yourself and your family. There are different types and kind of blenders available in the market which could serve a diverse range of functions.

Smoothie Blender

This type of blender is used for making smoothies of any type. You may add any fruit of your choice to make tasty shakes. This blender is safe in the dishwasher. You may get a range of smoothie blenders which are durable and have crush cycle for crushing ice.

Frozen Drink Blender

The frozen drink blenders are durable and can also crush ice. This helps you in making cocktails such as margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas. Through this blender you can pull the mixture from the bottom and can add ice in it simultaneously. They are usually used for parties and that’s why are called stars of any party.

Food Chopper Blender

In this blender you have options to either chop or blend food and vegetables items. In this blender there is a powerful blending blade which chops and even can make soup. You can chop onions and other vegetables as well.

Commercial Blender

This type of blender is called professional blender and usually are part of restaurants. Quality and performance of these blenders is superb. They are used by professionals daily because of their three horsepower capacity. They can make soup, grind nuts, blend vegetables, and may make sauces very easily and in large quantities.

Multifunction Blenders

The multi-function blenders are able to blend almost anything due to their powerful blades which can crush ice, chop vegetables, mix, dice, and even puree. These are durable, powerful, and versatile and can perform the ultimate catering work. These blenders come in a variety of options and with innovative designs. They are renowned due to their quality, reliability, and performance. They are a perfect choice for chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, bartenders, and even for home makers in their kitchen.

Handheld or Immersion Blender

This is perfect when you are mixing your ingredients directly into the bowl. Due to its easy grip, you can handle it with the attachments. These attachments can be fixed and detached easily and can be cleaned as well. Due to it maneuvering ability, you can take it anywhere even in the bowl. This makes it suitable for whipping, mixing, blending, and pureeing.

What is the the best food processor to buy in this year

With the busy life people have today, food processors are becoming a necessity of a modern kitchen.  Imagine chopping and slicing vegetables, grinding nuts and kneading dough. Seems like an endless job if done by hand. Now imagine someone doing all this for you and in a matter of seconds. This someone is none other than a good food processor coming to your rescue and saving you many hours of kitchen time.  If you are looking for a best food processor to add to your kitchen gadgets you have come to the right place. With the wide variety of this product available in the market, it can be difficult choosing the best food processor for you. For this reason we have narrowed down your search to what we feel are the top three food processors and given a comparison among them.

1.   Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

It is a 720 watt food processor with a large capacity of 14 cups. It is made from stainless steel and comes with the attachments of stainless steel slicing disk, shredding disk and 2 types of chopping blades. It can chop, in a matter of seconds, whole fruits and vegetables, shred cheese or knead dough. The price of the product mentioned on its website is $199.

2.   Braun K650 Multiquick

It is a 600 watt food processor with a capacity of up to 9 cups. It has the capability to perform all the tasks of a good food processor; kneading, mixing, blending, chopping, slicing, shredding and grating. It offers 14 different speeds for the user to choose from. The bowls are sealed to prevent leakage and overflowing. A cream attachment is included to make the perfect whipped cream and also a citrus juicer and press. Its price is the same as Cuisinart.

3.   KitchenAid Artisan 4L Food Processor

It is a 360 watt food processor with a capacity of 4 litres which performs the same functions of blending, mincing, slicing, kneading and grating. The unique thing is that with this machinery you can change slicing thickness and use different sized feeding tubes to suit your needs. It comes with 3 BPA-free bowls of different capacities. It comes with a citrus press just like Braun. This food processor costs a little more than those mentioned above with its price being $229.

To sum it all up there are a couple of features of food processors you need to keep in mind when deciding which is the best food processor is for you:


If you want to perform heavy tasks like making nut butter or kneading dough on a regular basis using a food processor then invest in a machine with not less than 600 watts power. These types of processors also called commercial food processors for professional usage because they can perform any type of heavy duty tasks.


Buy a large capacity food processor if you have a big family and cook food in large amounts. Buy a smaller one if you cook in small quantities for lesser people.


Decide on what functions you need and are willing to pay for because the longer the list of functions it performs the higher its price. If you are willing to spend a lot then look for food processors with add-ons like juicer and different slicing sizes for example.

Do Waist Trainers Really Work in 2018?

The recent social media wave involving celebrities to post the reviews and pictures of waist trainers have made a huge number of people go crazy. Waist training is the new talk of the town with some people talking in its favour while some arguing against it. Though apparently some celebrities like Jessica Alba, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian can’t get enough of the waist trainers however; people are confused as do waist trainers actually work or not.

Waist trainers are garments that are worn around the waist with an aim to reduce the natural size of the waist. They work through pressuring the abdominal area and tightening the muscles. They can be beneficial when wore as they may give an illusion of a slimmer waist. This indicates that waist trainers work as shapewear for as long as they are worn and are effective for providing the look of a slimmer and shaped body. For women, it can help in achieving the coveted hourglass shape through not only reducing their waist but also providing bust support. Similarly, for men, waist trainers help in reducing the waist and provide an illusion of broader shoulders.

So it can be said that when waist trainers are in use they can effectively aid in giving an illusion of a slimmer waist but do waist trainers work in the long run?

The effectiveness of waist trainers has been questioned when it is used in the long run and its effects when it is removed. Achieving the true results of a waist trainer in the long run requires commitment and embracing a healthy lifestyle. This indicates that a waist trainer in itself might not be yielding the desired benefits in the long run however; incorporating its use with a proper diet and regular workout might facilitate you in achieving the true results of a waist trainer.

Waist training works in the long run through burning fats by stimulating thermal activity. The latex lining in most of the waist trainers allows you to sweat more which leads to weight reduction and lowering of waist size. If you can’t wait to wear the best waist trainer and achieve hourglass shape. Waist trainers facilitate perspiration of the abdominal and back area hence lead to tightening of the back muscles and burning the back fat. Moreover, waist trainers also prevent overeating as compression lets you have a feeling of fullness and control your portion size.  

So waist trainers work in the short term through serving the purpose of a shape wear and giving the illusion of a slimmer upper body. In the long run however; a healthy diet and regular exercise must be coupled with the use of a waist trainer to reap its true benefits.