About me

In 1990 Karen began her career in the field of health care working for Women’s Health Specialists as a patient advocate. Her innovative role as a Health Care Navigator began in 1996 when she helped to create Healing Alternatives, a holistic health care education and referral service for which she provided guidance to individuals looking to integrate alternative medicine into their health care program. In 1999 Karen was involved in the inception and development of the Integrative Medical Clinic foundation and in 2001 the Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa. She provided Health Navigation services as the clinic’s Intake Coordinator for five years, providing education and information regarding integrative treatment plans. In this role as Navigator, Karen has been uniquely immersed in the application and evolution of Integrative Medicine for the last eleven years. She combines her varied training with her strong intuitive sense to hold a safe space for people to explore their health and well being.