5 Tips for Using Your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are the best things in the world if you like cooking tough things like meat, beans and grains often. There are specially designed to shorten the cooking times by a significant percentage so that you spend much lesser time in the kitchen than you usually do and can utilize the same time for more productive tasks or simply to relax. In addition to cooking your meals faster, these magical tools also make the meals healthier by trapping all the nutrients with the steam from escaping the sealed pot. If you are new to pressure cooking or have recently brought a brand new pressure cooker and are unsure how to use pressure cooker right way, here are some useful tips for you:

Read the instruction manual:

The modern pressure cookers have multiple safety features incorporated in them to ensure your safety. Every model will include different features and will therefore function differently. You need to understand the model completely before starting to use it for the very first time. This is why you should carefully read the instruction manual that came with the unit to make sure that you are using it right.


Keeping your pressure cooker clean and maintained is very important for it to continue functioning normally. Since a typical pressure cooker has multiple parts, you need to check all of them timely and ensure that each one if functioning properly. Ensure that the valves are not blocked by any food debris and the rubber gasket is in good shape. The gasket will need to be replaced once or twice each year depending on the frequency of use.

Brown before pressure cooking:

To add greater flavor and color to your meals it is a good practice to brown the ingredients such as meat or onions in some oil before you add water to it and seal the lid to begin pressure cooking. You will see that browning greatly enhances the flavor, the aroma and even gives your dish a more appealing appearance. So unless you are in a hurry, you should always brown the ingredients before pressure cooking them.

Addition of liquid:

The addition of liquid is of crucial importance while pressure cooking. The reason is that pressure cookers function by trapping steam inside a sealed container. You need to add enough liquid to the cooker for steam to be produced. If you are using a pressure cooker recipe, it will always mention the right amount of liquid that needs to be added. So you will simply need to follow the instructions.

Don’t fill it to the rim:

Most pressure cooker will have a marking on the inside of the pot to indicate the maximum amount of liquid that can be added. Do not fill the cooker beyond this level. Even if your pressure cooker does not have this marking, avoid filling it beyond 2/3rd its maximum capacity to prevent the food from flowing out of the pressure valves.